Our Mission

The prime objective of Peace Committee for Interfaith harmony is to bring harmony in Multi-faiths, which is lacking today and needs are to speed up the activities on the subject Internationally, to save and eliminate the problems the world is facing today. U.N.O organization for interfaith harmony is to promote peace in the Islamic systems and for its promotion. The Pakistan nation at present is trying at all levels and efforts towards bring awareness among the people involved in all walks of life to control extremism and terrorism. Pakistan is becoming a front state countering extremism and terrorism. To encounter such activities and to bring harmony in provinces, races and common men to save the country from such evil-deeds. Since the world has squeezed into a global village, therefore, interfaith harmony is essential for its peace. We need to work together to eliminate the scourge of terrorism, extremism and sectarian violence. To create this shift we are proud to introduce National Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony. Launched with the wishes of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to bring about peace and harmony, between all provinces of Pakistan and Globally. Our aim is to bring a better understanding, cooperation and unity among different sects and faiths. National Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony also aims to create a better understanding and communication between overseas Pakistanis and especially with our youth, who differ between there Pakistani origin and British heritage. This is the reason that National Peace Committee has been set up by the government of Pakistan directly. We aim to create a network of individual and associations inside and outside of Pakistan who are deducted to promoting a better understanding of Pakistani culture and society with a strong wave of enthusiasm and hope across the world, highlight and finding solutions on interfaith harmony with the cooperation of different sections of our societies as whole. We all have the same goal. A peaceful, healthy life; freedom from stress of war, terrorism and crippled economies; and freedom to live our ideologies in peace. Peace and Interfaith Harmony is the way ahead.

Why Choose Us


Donations and Grants

NPCIH can receive donations and grants from individuals and institutions that support their cause, helping them to expand their impact.


Long-Term Focus

NPCIH are not motivated by short-term financial gains, allowing them to focus on sustainable solutions that have a lasting impact on communities.

All Community

All Community Involvement

NPCIH often involve community members in their decision-making process, creating a sense of ownership and investment in the organization's mission.



NPCIH is non-partisan,it do not support any political party or agenda. It is a non-biased organization supports only government.

Chairperson's Message

We are committed to serving our citizens with integrity, transparency, and excellence. I look forward to working with each and every one of you to achieve our shared goals and aspirations..